Monday, 3 October 2011

The Elephant Man

John Hurt stars as John Merrick in the film The Elephant Man.

Merrick in the film is the elephant man who at the start is shown to be a side show freak, which people have to pay to see him. When the film progresses as Dr. Frederick Treves (Anthony Hopkins) comes and rescues him from the humiliation. The film was choose to be done in a black and white lens which I think is a good idea because the film is set a lot earlier than it was produced.
You get to see how old style England looked like and you also saw how the medical sides of things looked.

After being looked after Dr. Frederick tries to teach him to talk in convocation, going on the conclusion he couldn’t talk. After time goes on he realises not only can he talk he is very intellectual and sensitive.

But trouble is coming for the poor man as a man hears about him and rounds up about 20 people that pay to see him but this time its not just looking at him through a window they all bully him when he is resting. After everyone leaves the man who used to get money to show Merrick off comes back and takes him and puts him back where he started.

Luckily the people who are also in the show help him get away. The police help him back to the hospital where he lives.

I liked how they used a wide range of different camera angles also the fact that they didn’t show Merrick too early on to draw the people watching the film eager to see what he looks like.

Over all I found the film a well thought out and produced old style film and would defiantly encourage people to watch it.

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