Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Cartoon Cockroach's


  1. Heyy Steve, Im your creative partner for this project. (:
    Can't wait to see you spliced with a cockroach, should be interesting :D

    Make sure you put up your OGR for Phil soon!

  2. Hi Alice, oh okay cool!
    yeah I've done a picture on photoshop of me with a cockroach head but haven't uploaded it yet will do soon.

    Yeah i will do that soon I'm just so mentally blocked on work at the moment. i need to sort some stuff out.

    add me on Facebook i couldn't find you..
    Steve shaw

  3. OGR 05/10/11

    Steve - I got your email, in which you seemed to be asking me to take into account a bunch of stuff you didn't actually describe or evidence, which, while I'm happy to give you the benefit of the doubt (you're hardly the only first year to be currently flying the the seat of his pants), I don't much like this trend. Of course, life gets in the way and things go wrong, but you've made no previous effort to speak with me of your difficulties, nor have you spent the last two weeks working furiously on your Unit 1 work. There is no OGR on here as requested, which means this OGR - for you at least - is a wasted opportunity. There is no assignment intro as requested, a minimum of thumbnails, some random images of cartoon cockroaches without any sense of how you might be using them to help you arrive at a final idea. I notice that Tom dropped by - your mentor - to offer advice on your film reviews (which fail to meet the criteria on the brief - which, I'm hoping you've actually read...). Look Steve, there is so much help and advice available to you as a first year; for instance, have you made use yet of all those wonderful 'How To Draw' PDFs on myUCA/Anatomy/Unit Materials/Anatomy Resources... Have you read and digested the 'Rough Guide' to written assignments, also on myUCA, have you checked all the CGAA Unit 1 related posts on the group blog? Have you taken anything out of the library? Have you explored the bibliography and weblinks on the blog? Have you worked with your creative partner, Alice to drill into the project brief and come up with innovative, high quality work? If the answer is 'NO' to all, or some of these questions then you're simply not engaging with this course in a way that I recognise as adequate or appropriate for an undergraduate on a challenging degree programme. You may indeed have your difficulties - don't we all - but I strongly encourage you to make this degree your number one priority and squeeze the pulp from every opportunity it gives you.

    You know, I don't really want emails asking for my understanding around your difficult circumstances; listen, if you're having difficulty or problems, and it can be evidenced for mitigating circumstances then I urge you to manage your situation. I am always 100% supportive of my students when they run into real difficulties that stop them from engaging. I want students to do amazingly, but I will also speak plainly and honestly if I think a student is not giving their studies adequate time and energy.

    If there is something I need to know, or the University needs to know, don't be mysterious or vague, just communicate like a grown-up and all will be well. We are here to support you, Steve - but you have responsibilities too.

    Now, what you need to do to reassure me that you're going to engage successfully with this degree programme is upload a OGR as requested, in which you summarise your progress so far. Your OGR will include an introduction to your written assignment, and this introduction will show me that you have indeed consulted the 'Rough Guide' to written assignments and that you're developing confidence around this aspect of your creative studies. I also want evidence that you're working creatively with Alice, your partner for Unit 1. Put simply, I want you to knock my socks off with the quality and content of your work. Define yourself by your actions, not by your personal situation. I look forward to some serious cockroach action on here, Steve. Do not disappoint.

  4. Heyyy as I promised I found few good things that might give you some ideas.
    First of all, I think it would be good if you looked at other human- insect creatures as there isn't many cockroach ones. :D

    I liked this digital painting especially how the wasp person is done. I believe there is a comic book made by MARVEL about insect super heroes- you might look at that in more depth if you want

    Defo look at these!! They are amazing!!! Especially the last one. (:

    I’m sure you will find something you like, make sure you use it! ;)