Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Love for the beast

Love for the beast

I thought this film was one of the most dramatic film’s I have ever watched in the sense that there was next to no laughing but filled with love, hate and dejection.
I loved all of the camera angles they did especially the close up’s and extreme close up’s.

I felt that they made the film have an atmosphere in which I mean made your eyes drawn to the screen and want to know what was going to happen next.

For the time that the film was released into the French cinema’s in as early as 1947 I feel that they did a pretty good job on how they wanted it to look, with all of the make up especially the beast (Jean Marais).

I didn’t see many special effects with in the film apart from using of the camera and use of smoke and mist. I felt that the music played one of the biggest parts in the film, as it was done so well.

As with many old films with dramatic scenes in them they always seam to have all of these spooky instrumental music a lot of it is piano, light drums, violin or trumpet.

This film I feel is different in many ways in the sense that in the film ‘The Fly’ he wasn’t shown till later on in the film but in this film the lion type man is showed only about 20 minuets into the film.

I feel that the props are a bit cheesy and not that well thought out also the director has opted to use a lot of smoke in scenes.

The Fly 1958

The Fly

The Fly a 1958 by Kurt Neumann's film is about a dedicated scientist that builds a machine that can teleport objects and humans. They started the film three quarters of the way into it then went back to explain the film, then carried on telling it.

It started dark and a bit confusing, as shown below. Here is the factory where AndrĂ©’s wife has just killed her husband. You can see the image of the person murdered under the machine in image 1.

Image 1: The killing scene

When he builds the chamber it works perfectly, but the last time he does proves to be fatal, as a fly enters the chamber and the partials get mixed up and he ends up with a fly’s head and hand, and the fly ends up with his head. This is all a bit grotesque.

I found this film quite interesting because of the fact that I had never seen a film like it or one so old, but I did not enjoy it that much.  I found the story boring; it seemed a slow paced plot, although I liked how they started the film three quarters of the way into it and then went back to explain the film.

The BBC review the film as being ‘Silly’ … but the tension is quickly cranked up as Hedison realises he has to find the fly so that he can try to reverse the damage.’ (BBC, 2011).